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Merced Heights home values have increased over 35% in just two short years. While San Francisco’s market has been on a steady increase since 2013, a 35% growth is significant. Let’s quickly do the math, a home purchased for $1,000,000 two years ago, could potentially be worth $1,350,000 now -- that is a $350,000 increase! In today’s market, buyer demand far exceeds current inventory which drives property values up, increases the likelihood of multiple offers over list price, and decreases the amount of days on market.

Over the past 5 years, the San Francisco real estate market has seen exponential growth. As a top, desirable neighborhood, Merced Heights has benefited significantly from the market's growth seeing almost 80% growth in average sales price over this time period. At the top of the market, now is the time for sellers to take advantage of low inventory and high sales prices.

While every home is unique, recent sales in your neighborhood can give you a good idea of what your home could be worth.

Interested to know your property’s value?

Since property features vary significantly from house to house and block to block, there is no online algorithm that accurately estimates your value. Online algorithm’s such as Zillow’s Zestimate use the available online information, such as square footage and bedroom count, and compares it to other home’s data without taking into account the details that make your home unique. These online estimates aren’t able to take into consideration your kitchen remodel, your landscaped backyard, or your stunning city views.

Having a local agent who specializes in your neighborhood (me!) is key. I’d love to provide you with a no-obligation value analysis and answer all of your real estate questions. Please call, text or email anytime to schedule an appointment.

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